A grateful shout out to all the children in the youth choirs at First Community Church for their inspiration and participation in the audio and video portions of this website.

A special thank you to children in pictures: Parker, Layla, Alexander, Emery, Porter, Clara, Evie and Gregory. Thank you, choir parents, for your ongoing love and support.

Thanks to Stewart Pitchford, sound technician, Tabi McCleary, graphic designer, and the Media Ministry of First Community Church, Michael Barber, Director of Marketing and Communications. –An additional thank – you to Michael for the videography in the interview and the adorable musical videos for Christmas in the Candy Cane Kingdom and Back to Bethlehem.

Many thanks to Carrie Wirick and Carol Hofer for the hours of proof reading and to Robert Griffith who reviewed many of the scores, but any errors you find are mine!

Much love and appreciation to the people in my inner circle who have helped me wrestle through the creation of all the Christmas musicals: Bryan, Sarah, Colin, Katie, Tim and Deb. From a condo in Evanston, Illinois, a hotel in Snowmass, Colorado, a sunny spot by the lake in Chautauqua, New York, a street fair in Westerville, Ohio or over the phone from Sunnyvale, California, you all make me and my work better.

Thank you to Dr. Ronald Jenkins, Minister of Music and Liturgy at First Community Church and to Lois Zook, Administrative Assistant to the Music Department, for your support of the youth choirs and of me. Thank you, Ann Baker, youth choir accompanist, for your loving support of my work and the children we serve.

And finally, many thanks to the exceptional artistry of Michael Barber for the creation of this website and the lovely portrait photography. Michael sees where beauty is hidden and then reflects it back so that you can see it too. Thank you, Michael.

Sally Beske